‘Bomb Scares’ and NZ Journalism

I’m annoyed at the state of New Zealand journalism. It’s embarrassing. Some kids let off some bottle-bombs (probably the kind you see all over You Tube [the dry ice or mentos-in-coke kinds]) and the New Zealand media leaps on it like the attention-deprived inbreeds they are.

This is sensationalist reporting at its worst. Is it any wonder Muslims with issues resort to this kind of thing when you see the reaction they are guaranteed to receive courtesy of a media system that has no sense of balance, ethics or humour?

I can almost imagine them sitting there, failed traffic wardens that they are, just waiting for the opportunity to be just as important as all those savvy foreign journalists who get to wade around in blood and bring the big-hitting items to our TV screens.

When they were reporting the incident did we hear them address the issue that these were remarkably underwhelming ‘bombs’ and that they were really nothing but noise? Did we hear that they might, just possibly, be pranks but that the police had to make the fuss they did as a matter of routine?

If we ever have a real bombing in New Zealand I think we can thank not the idiots who made these bottle-bombs or our involvement in western politics for drawing the attention of undereducated, over enthusiastic fundamentalists. We should look to the organisations that, literally, ‘promote’ violence.

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