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Online Book Store Comparison

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I’ve been looking at getting a couple of brewing books and have just been through the tedious exercise of comparing prices. Not sure whether the results would be similar if I was looking for popular novels instead.

Here are the prices in NZ dollars and including shipping:

Amazon — $61.24
Morebeer — $109.26
Whitcoulls — $59.00
Mighty Ape — $73.98
Fishpond — $84.96
The Nile — $66.48
Seek Books — (Didn’t have both books)
Goodbooks — $69.98

Whitcoulls wins but is closely followed by Amazon which puts the other NZ book stores to shame. If you know of a good alternative please feel free to share.

David, in the comments, informs me of The Book Depository over in the UK who beat the rest at ~$54.00 including delivery.