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Do Egg Shells Deter Snails?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008


I’ve heard that snails and slugs will avoid broken egg shells and therefore that they (the egg shells) can be used to protect seedlings. I tested this claim by putting a snail out on the dirt and in the sun surrounded by broken egg shells. As you can see by the image the shells didn’t work.

I’ll run this test again once I get more shells with which I’ll make a more robust barrier.

(I wonder if snails would be similarly deterred by a ring of crushed snail shells?)

It’s That Time Of Year

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Vegetable garden

Nihil est agricultura melius nihil uberius
Nihil dulcius nihil homine libero dignius.

“Nothing is better, more fruitful, more pleasant
and more worthy of a free man, than agriculture”.

- Cicero (106BCE-43BCE)

(Today I completed my new vegetable garden. I’m exhausted but happier and more fulfilled than I’ve been in a long time.)